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Burnley Victory: Son Heung-min was enraged with his 24-year-old Tottenham teammate.

Despite Tottenham Hotspur’s impressive victory over Burnley, Son Heung-min wasn’t pleased with Manor Solomon yesterday.

While covering the game for Soccer Saturday, Clinton Morrison was at Turf Moor for a thrilling finish.

Lyle Foster‘s early goal placed Ange Postecoglou‘s team under strain, but they recovered amazingly.

The day’s highlight was Son Heung-min‘s hat-trick, although James Maddison kept up his impressive play in the middle of the pitch.

Son and Manor
Son and Manor

Richarlison was replaced by Manor Solomon, which was a significant change made by Postecoglou to his front line.

Despite eventually scoring against Fulham, the Brazilian didn’t seem to be missed by Spurs yesterday.

Despite setting up Son twice in two assists against Burnley, the South Korean wasn’t satisfied with Solomon.

The 24-year-old’s ability to make sound judgements tripped him down in one specific situation.

Son is enraged with Solomon and Burnley

“What a finish this is from Son [Heung-min], to be fair, it’s a brilliant goal,” Morrison stated in reference to Son’s opening goal of the game.

Son and Manor
Son and Manor

Son goes in, plays a long ball that is over the top to [Manor] Solomon, who then returns it to Son.

“Fantastic finish. He’s at a tight angle and simply dinks it over [James] Trafford.

Solomon had to pass it to him because he ought to have been passing it to Son earlier but didn’t.

“Son was furious with him. Son scored a fantastic goal, tying the score.

By assisting Son in getting off to a strong start for the season, Solomon more than atoned for his poor choice against Burnley.


The future success of Postecoglou‘s front three will be interesting to watch.

After the international break, Richarlison and recently signed Brennan Johnson will both be vying for the starting spot.

Tottenham‘s players ought to be encouraged to perform ever better moving forward by that competition.

Spurs are now in a wonderful situation and have performed incredibly well under their new boss.

When they host Sheffield United in two weeks, they’ll want to keep up this pattern.




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