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Conversation with Mark Robins on Norwich City’s performance.

Read what the Manager had to say after the final whistle…

Mark Robins was pleased with his side’s performance, as they pushed until the end to earn a draw against Norwich City.

The Sky Blues equalised late on through a Ben Gibson own goal to earn a much deserved point, after pushing throughout the second half.

City could have gone on and won it after that, as they had chances through Milan van Ewijk and Tatsuhiro Sakamoto.

Speaking after the final whistle, Mark Robins gave his immediate reaction to the draw against the Canaries.

Reflecting on the first half…

“I think that that’s the first time we’ve been in a game against Norwich.

“We had a really good meeting yesterday about the little nuances that nuances that Norwich have in terms of that playing out.

“They put their players in positions where it makes it difficult for you to go, because they’ve got pace at the other end and all of those things.

“I thought with Haji and Ellis with Yasin in behind, I thought they worked that out pretty well. They didn’t play through us, and they didn’t get out easily.

“Although they got out a few times. They had a couple of chances in the first half one flashed across the goal and they nearly got on the end of and apart from that they got the goal towards the end of the first half which was which disappointing.

“But we were in the game, so that that’s the big thing and make sure don’t make another mistake and we nearly did that because we started to try and chase things and we didn’t need to there was plenty of time.”

 Talking at half-time and going again in the second half…

“Half-time, we spoke about how well we’ve done, but also how we can do things even better and keep the ball a little bit better.

“We were in good positions to receive, off the back or off the side of their midfield and we did that a lot better in the second half.

“We obviously brought three players on to try and increase the tempo and the energy levels and that happened, and we started to look a threat again.

“They dropped and changed shape and made it difficult because they were trying to play on a counter-attack.

“We got into some really good positions and got some threatening balls into the penalty area and the weight of that pressure eventually told and we got the goal from a brilliant cross from Milan, and it was heading into his own net by Gibson.

“It was nothing short of what we deserved. Their emergency defending was really good actually because they’ve thrown their bodies in front of the ball, at least three times that I can remember and then obviously Tatsu had a chance where he’s thrown his head on one that was cleared.

“We recycled the ball really well, got into dangerous positions and we were still coming forward and played until the final whistle and that for me, I’m really proud.

“I thought he was a really good performance just tinged with a little bit of disappointment that we didn’t come away with the win.”


The fans helping to push for a winner…

“It was brilliant and really loud and that’s what happens here, and the players have felt that they’ve heard it, and it was just it was just blistering.”

Mark Robison 2
Mark Robison 2

How some of his player fared throughout…

“When we bring Milan on, he does that and that’s blistering. You’ve got Haji with pace, and you’ve got Ellis with pace and they’re still young and still learning and they still need to understand what they need to do to make things happen and to go and impose their game on the opponent, even more than they do.

“I thought Ellis was really good and he worked really hard. I think Haji was trying to find some space and couldn’t get him off the back of them.

“They dropped deep when we were in possession, but they were always a threat the pair of them. Matty Godden came on and again looked really sharp and there were some good movements, one or two little bits where he’s flipped and nearly got people in, and I thought we got better and better as the game went on.

Joel we’ve seen in midfield now and we know we can do that, even though he’s played there for his country, we’ve that in the flesh which it was handy.

Tatsu playing both sides, we know he’s versatile and can pose a threat and the midfield players, Jamie Allen and Josh Eccles were phenomenal because they’ve had to play every game because of the numbers that we’ve lost in that position.”

Maintaining the unbeaten home run…

“It was really important because we want to try and stretch that as long as we can.

“Obviously, we want to win games and the fact that we didn’t just settle for a draw, because sometimes that can happen you’re in the game and then you sit back and they come on to you and inevitably they’re going to score because of it.

“We were on the front foot and that’s exactly what we want and the bravery that they showed was exactly what we’re looking for moving forward.”

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