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Kalvin Phillips

“I anticipate that he will leave.” Reliable reporter responds to the Liverpool transfer story

We have entered international week. The few Liverpool supporters who do watch Gareth’s Brave Boys over the next week or two will be keeping an eye on Jude Bellingham

who is in high demand, and Jordan Henderson, who has taken Kalvin Phillips‘ position in the squad.

Florian ‘Plettigoal’ Plettenberg, a journalist for Sky Germany, stated last week that he is “…absolutely confident he will leave Dortmund in 2023, possibly to Liverpool or Manchester United.” Are the Reds really in the running for Bellingham considering the rumoured fee of £130 million is significantly higher than the club record transfer expenditure?

Kalvin Phillips
Kalvin Phillips

Cole G, a Redmen Club Legend, questioned goal.com’s Neil Jones about a potential Bellingham charge on the most recent episode of our Journo Insight Show.

I can’t imagine Liverpool spending $130 million on anyone. Because of the position he plays, I don’t see anyone spending £130 million for Jude Bellingham. Let’s get this straight: Jadon Sancho contributed just as much to Dortmund as Jude Bellingham has, and they received, what, £70 million? The amount was under £100 million.

Jadon Sancho
Jadon Sancho

To convince a team to sign a player who is an extremely, extremely good system player, I believe Dortmund will be asking a lot. You’re not referring to a player like Neymar or Mbappe who essentially goes out and wins you games. That’s the situation. There weren’t many midfielders in the top 10 transfers when we looked at them [on last week’s Journo Insight show]. Pogba was likely the best.


I suppose the World Cup throws a little wrench in the works. really both ways. Yes, you’re adding tax if he goes out and completely dominates the show, wins the World Cup, and is the star of the show. He could perform poorly, get an injury, or have his form decline after the World Cup.

Although there are many unknowns, Dortmund will always sell. They will always attempt to obtain the greatest offer since they will always strive to sell, but I anticipate that he will travel next summer. I assume he is the person after you in the rank. from Haaland to him via Sancho. Prior to that from the likes of Lewandowski and Götze. Although I’m not certain Liverpool will pay £130 million, I’m not certain anyone else will either.

Redmen respond

Neil is correct to note that all of the moves totaling £100 million or more in history have been for offensive players. Bellingham, who is still only 19, might theoretically play at the highest level for an additional 15 years. Joo Félix was acquired by Atlético Madrid for an absurd sum just a few years ago, with the player’s advanced age playing a significant role in that sum. Given that the amount they received for Erling Haaland was constrained by his release clause and was likely below market value, Dortmund may be eager to increase Bellingham’s valuation over what it would have been.

Virgil van Dijk chose to sign with Liverpool even though Manchester City could have matched the then-record cost for a defender. Liverpool was successful in persuading him to join them. If they wish to land in Bellingham, they will have to follow the same procedure. Does he want to serve as the center of our midfield for the next ten years?

Or become simply another skilled midfielder on Pep Guardiola’s consignment ship? Jürgen and his staff will have to go above and beyond to persuade him to sign with City because he would probably win more trophies there.

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