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Micah Richards

Micah Richards Applauds Chris Sutton Over Postecoglou’s boast.

Many Tottenham fans were disappointed to learn that Ange Postecoglou had been appointed as the club’s new manager.

Despite coming from Celtic, the Australian custodian had an established track record of success.

Micah Richards
Micah Richards

With a recent win over Manchester United, Postecoglou appears to have won over the majority of Spurs fans. Many English critics, like former Manchester City defender Micah Richards, appear to have seen the light on the 56-year-old.

Indeed, Richards credited Chris Sutton for alerting the Premier League to Postecoglou’s presence a few years ago.

ange 44_
ange 44_

Chris,” he said (5 Live Sport via Daily Record). I’m going to give you a pat on the shoulder because when you informed us about Ange around two and a half years ago, you asked, “Why isn’t someone in the Premier League looking at him?” and you received a cold reply, not from me, of course.”

Sutton’s predictions have undoubtedly come true, as Richards went on to laud Postecoglou‘s playing style: “I think he is brilliant, everything you said has come to light.” This is exactly what Tottenham fans wanted: aggressive football. “May it last forever.”


Micah Richards
Micah Richards


Postecoglou has been a big hit in the South thus far. Few Celtic fans anticipated anything less. ‘Angeball’ has finally created a name for himself in the Premier League.










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