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Weston McKennie

The $30 million player claims he couldn’t have succeeded at Leeds United because he wasn’t physically fit enough.

One of Leeds United’s worst signings in recent memory might be Weston McKennie.

Originally signed in January as a loan player with a £30 million buyout option to assist the team avoid relegation, he ultimately proved unable to help the Whites climb up the table.

In all honesty, the American turned in a streak of subpar games and truly didn’t seem up to the challenge of competing in the Premier League.

Weston McKennie
Weston McKennie

McKennie has been extremely candid about the fact that he wasn’t good enough at Leeds. In an interview with The American Dream podcast, he declares that he won’t offer any justifications for his performances for the Whites and maintains that he was just unfit to play at the time.

McKennie wasn’t physically capable.
The midfielder discussed his time spent at Leeds.

Weston McKennie
Weston McKennie

“I don’t like to make excuses at all, but I don’t think I was in the ideal physical shape because I was so used to playing every three days at Juventus. For me, game fitness is completely different from training fitness. I get game-fit via playing games, and while you may try to duplicate it in exercising, I can’t. I didn’t think I was in the best position to last a 90-minute game because I only played one game every week, McKennie said.

It is not acceptable for a professional football player to be physically unfit.

Game fitness is different from training fitness, as McKennie points out, although there are workarounds.

Weston McKennie
Weston McKennie

The main truth is that fitness is more about science than mentality, and you can become fit enough if you work hard enough.

We don’t believe McKennie’s excuse one bit because Leeds was once the fittest club in the Premier League despite only playing one game each week under Marcelo Bielsa.
















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