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Callum O'Hare

Coventry City manager admits Callum O’Hare will make a comeback as the midfielder gets closer.

Coventry City injury update from CoventryLive, as Sky Blues midfielder Callum O’Hare prepares to make his comeback.

Mark Robins has said that he pondered “dipping” Callum O’Hare back into action for Coventry City, but has decided to be cautious. After missing nearly nine months due to a damaged ACL, the Sky Blues forward has been back in full contact training for the last few weeks.

He appears to be making good progress as he nears the end of his rehabilitation, but his manager has resisted the desire to rush him, preferring to ensure the player is completely healthy before allowing him to return. The next phase appears to be a run-out with the Under-21s before being reintroduced to the first team group and coming in from the bench on a matchday.

Mark Robins
Mark Robins


“I could have dipped him into a game earlier, but I just felt it was too soon.” He need a period of training, which he is currently receiving. That is the next phase, and then it will be up to

Callum O'Hare
Callum O’Hare

and how he looks and feels. We need to look at it in terms of his tests and ensuring that there is symmetry; that both legs, both knees, and both ankles are all the same, and that we know where the power is coming from in order to avoid any future difficulties.

“We have to give him every opportunity.” It’s the same with any kind of injury. They must demonstrate that they have checked the boxes, and the boxes are severe to ensure that they are okay.”

The international week allows City’s fit players to have a break after three games in eight days, but O’Hare will be following an intense schedule.

“His next step will be to train next week.” He’ll be performing some additional work. He’ll work hard, then give you a break, and then he’ll work hard again. The following week, he’ll be back in training with the rest of the group as we prepare for the Bristol City Game  , and he could be close to playing by then. But we’ll have to wait and see. As I previously stated, I will not set any timelines because I believe it would be unjust.”

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