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Steven Gerrard

Hey, Stevie G! Target for Liverpool’s £103 million bid plays tricky with the Reds while complimenting two legends

In the midst of transfer rumors, Liverpool’s top £103 million target has revealed his affection for Merseyside veteran Steven Gerrard

Jude Bellingham and Chelsea’s Reece James participated in a lighthearted game for England’s YouTube channels in which Jude favored Steven Gerrard over Frank Lampard.

Although it was first posted 11 months ago, the little video has recently circulated on social media and has been enough to stir Liverpool supporters about a possible transfer that is said to be planned for next summer.

Whatever the outcome of his departure from Borussia Dortmund, Bellingham’s affection for the Merseyside team is evident.

Steven Gerrard
Steven Gerrard

Bellingham is supporting Gerrard.

Bellingham and James’ friendship is put to the test in the video ‘Roommates’ as they respond to a variety of questions about one another.

When James was asked to predict the 19-year-selection old’s for which shirt he could switch with out of Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, or Ashley Young, Bellingham swiftly replied, “Stevie G, bro!” and then went on to explain why. James chose Lampard for his buddy.

Despite the fact that he wears the No. 8 shirt and is in a position comparable to mine, I believe I would choose Gerrard. Fairly speaking, I adore Stevie G.

Jude Bellingham
Jude Bellingham

Bellingham played for his country’s young U15, U16, U17, and U21 teams. He presently has 15 caps under his belt but has yet to score a goal for the Three Lions.

Although the video is from 11 months ago, it’s not the first time he has favored a Liverpool player while working in the media.

He mentioned that he has a lot of respect for both current and former Liverpool players as he was creating his FIFA team for 2022.

With one slot left in his starting eleven, the Dortmund star was asked the age-old question, “Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.” Bellingham chose the Argentinian over the other two candidates, but he gave Mohamed Salah the final spot.


He stated, “I think it’s hard not to go with Salah for this team.

Messi “will get into a lot of the teams because of what he’s done and obviously he was in a little bit of a difficult Barca squad and he was amazing, but I’ll probably have to go with Salah just because of how he’s started this season,” said the player.

Bellingham is a treasured asset for Dortmund, but it’s anticipated that he’ll leave in the summer of 2019 because to interest from teams like Chelsea, Manchester United, and Real Madrid.


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