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Replay 2019 Champions League final! Luis Diaz incident not only Tottenham vs Liverpool injustice

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding Tottenham vs. Liverpool clashes in the past, and Saturday’s encounter was no exception after Luis Diaz’s goal was incorrectly disallowed.

Right now, there is a sense of unfairness around Liverpool Football Club. Or, at the very least, partially correctly.

The Reds were wrongfully denied a goal against Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday as Luis Diaz was ruled to be offside before scoring past Guglielmo Vicario. Diaz was clearly onside, and the error occurred when the VAR misinterpreted the on-field ruling as a goal while communicating “check complete” to Simon Hooper.

Moussa Sissoko pleads his innocence during the 2019 Champions League final between Tottenham and Liverpool

It took another 45 seconds for Hooper to realise there had been a misunderstanding and a major blunder. Nothing could be done by then because the game had already resumed per International FA Board VAR protocols and the Laws of the Game – a ridiculous rule in and of itself.

Many Liverpool fans may have felt wronged by two red cards shown during the game, albeit they were nowhere like as obvious as the offside goal. In reality, both, in my opinion, deserved red cards. Curtis Jones ran over the top of the ball, and while Diogo Jota’s first yellow card was harsh, he might and possibly should have been booked for a cynical tackle minutes earlier, and his second yellow card incident was reckless.

Tottenham Hotspurs
Tottenham Hotspurs

“It is unsatisfactory that sufficient time was not afforded to allow the correct decision to be made and that there was no subsequent intervention,” Liverpool said in a statement on Sunday. It is particularly unacceptable that such flaws have already been classified as “significant human error.” Any and all conclusions should be determined solely by the review and in complete openness.

This is critical for the dependability of future decision-making because it applies to all clubs, with learnings utilised to enhance processes to guarantee a similar issue does not occur again. In the interim, given the clear need for escalation and resolution, we will investigate all possible options.”

It was possibly not the best idea to issue such a statement, especially one that stated they would “explore the range of options available.” Those options appear to be complain and move on or just move on. Nothing can truly change anymore, save perhaps for the usage of better terminology between VARs and on-field officials.






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