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The first Premier League manager has spoken out against Jurgen Klopp’s demand for a replay.

Jurgen Klopp has requested that the Premier League replay Liverpool’s defeat to Tottenham Hotspur due to a VAR error that resulted in Luis Diaz’s goal being incorrectly ruled out.

Richarlison vs klopp
Richarlison vs klopp

Despite the Premier League’s biggest-ever VAR failure, Aston Villa manager Unai Emery says Tottenham‘s Saturday triumph over Liverpool should NOT be replayed.

Luis Diaz‘s goal in North London was called out due to a severe VAR blunder, with the Reds ace flagged offside. Although replays indicated he was onside, VAR Darren England incorrectly believed the on-field judgement had been to award the goal, prompting him to inform referee Simon Hooper that the check was complete.

Ref and player
Ref and player

Liverpool‘s complaints prompted the release of audio between officials, which revealed that the replay operator was the first to notice the error and urged the officials to stop the game, but the VAR and assistant VAR repeatedly said they couldn’t intervene because play had resumed.

And Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has requested that the game, which Spurs won 2-1, be replayed.

However, Villa manager Emery stated ahead of his team’s Europa Conference League match against Bosnian side Zrinjski: “Before we had VAR, there were a lot of mistakes – more than now.”


“I can now accept some mistakes in VAR.” There are simply a few… minor errors. Of doubt, Liverpool made a massive mistake in their last match against Tottenham, but we have to accept it because there were so many before, without VAR.

“I listened to the referees’ conversation because it’s popular, and they were concerned about their mistake, but they couldn’t react because the game had resumed.” It’s a blunder. It is ok to me. Of course, it is more tough for Liverpool.

“It’s more difficult for Jurgen as well, but I accept it.” I know there were more errors before VAR was introduced. However, if an error occurs, you must accept it as before. So, no, no (to a replay). You have to accept it as you did before, when we didn’t have VAR.”



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